This course includes:

  • Modules in video format

  • 1 Meditation

Alchemy of Abundance


this is a course where we are going to reprogram our consciousness to start building a new matrix for healing to restore and bring the surface to our abundant self.


This course is made of  18 videos that can listen to on my website; 8 modules, 6 activations, and 3 meditations where your soul will upgrade itself into a new frequency the frequency of abundance, and 30 light codes within a calendar with a mantra to be activated within a 30 days process where your alchemy will adjust new alchemy.


the 30 days calendar will include 30 codes you can easily draw and set your sacred circle with an intention of prayer, mantra, affirmation to create a bridge between the source and us and to be able to download and channel new codes and sacred geometry to complement the lessons, activation, and meditation provided on my website.


the videos can listen when you have time the intention should be set daily to alchemize a new energy field and to bring a new restoration into all the chakras and ignite a new light being present in the moment.


each morning take a moment to speak and listen to yourself activating the source within you and visualize your code of the day while you verbalize your mantra, affirmation and for few seconds visualize the code expanding outward with each breath as you honor this new alchemy be grateful for you to own unique process than in few seconds focus on your mantra-affirmation as you allow yourself to feel the shift in the light.


from this place, you can then tune in to what is now most important to you.


To then refocus your intentions empowering your growth, new possibilities, and positive change.  


during the day there's immense power now in bringing your awareness into your center, into your heart and the soul...


To tune into the Force of Love you carry within your heart


And open yourself to allow love, and awareness to reset wherever in your life is needing a refresh and return to a clear state...


Remember his is a period of struggle between darkness it is being purged and to welcome the newness, to initiate a new adventure to discover the soul deeper and new alchemy of life... death and life and the renewal of all.


this alchemy of the abundant being occurs when the shadow and the light will be equal, and integrate each other in a journey of the Sun to actually get there also signifies the journey of the Universe


"I am increasingly magnetic to health, wealth, abundance, prosperity, and Love as Breath this light codes in, I am attracting more  (code of the day ) and more abundance into my life".