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The Full Story

I am Grethel, a Starseed who experienced a divine intervention in 2012 that illuminated my path with celestial wonders. From that moment, my life became a journey of discovery, purpose, and unity across dimensions.

Awakening to the Unseen:

The appearance of celestial "Angels" shattered the boundaries of my perception, urging me into a world unseen by most. This remarkable encounter marked the beginning of a path that would lead me to embrace my identity as a Starseed, a beacon of light amid the cosmic tapestry.

Embarking on the Uncharted Path:

In the wake of this encounter, my journey commenced—a path both exhilarating and daunting. Flashes of luminance revealed themselves, transforming the mundane into the extraordinary.


Symbols, etched into the very fabric of existence, whispered secrets of hidden truths only I could decipher.

Speaking the Language of Light:

In the realm of dreams, an ethereal language flowed from my lips—a symphony of light and energy. I conversed with ethereal beings, my voice transmitting messages beyond the grasp of earthly tongues.


This communion with Light Language heralded a connection that bridged realms.

A Journey of Acceptance and Revelation:

Within the enigma of this journey, I found my purpose—a purpose to be a conduit between dimensions. I came to understand that my encounters were part of a grander tapestry, interwoven with the destinies of other Starseeds.

A Multifaceted Journey:

I am more than a wayfarer of realms. I am also a teacher of Light Language, an artist crafting spiritual masterpieces, and a collaborator in tales that ignite imagination.


My contribution to a book of dragons and spiritual stories for children, along with a tarot deck for Starseeds, reflects my devotion to sharing the metaphysical with the tangible.

Weaving Unity Across Dimensions:

Collaboration has been my compass. With fellow Starseeds, I've woven a blueprint—a bridge anchoring their multidimensional frequencies to my art.


Together, we transcend the barriers of perception, inviting others to embrace the unity that unites us all.

Clothed in Spiritual Essence:

I've ventured beyond the canvas, assisting in the design of a clothing line that resonates with spiritual souls.


These designs hold the codes of higher frequencies, an outward expression of inner transformation.

Guiding and Healing:

Since 2019, I've been a guide, a teacher, and a catalyst for growth. My journey led me to become a Reiki Master, a certified Advanced Coach in NLP, and a student of psychology. In 2015, I embraced my role as a healer and channel, offering sessions that weave healing energies and cosmic wisdom.

To conclude, I stand before you, Grethel—a Starseed whose path intertwines with the celestial and the terrestrial, the ethereal and the tangible.


I am a conduit, an artist, a teacher, and a collaborator—a living testament to the boundless unity that connects us all. Let us embark on a shared odyssey of illumination, for we are all reflections of the stars. 

Today I wonder what else can be in my journey and eager to flow with ease and grace.

Remember to Shed a light


Let’s Work Together

Welcome!!! Feel free to explore the galleries of art and listen to my meditations. I do have the effect that epeople fall asleep. So i can ensure that you will sleep like a baby.


If you feel drawn to my work  le tuch soan start working together. I will love to build a community, where we all can grow, connect and learn while we ascend. 

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