Guardians of the Light

Module 5

This lesson it is called sounds of light I have learned that sound is an expression of light and these vibrational frequency waves where light is interwoven into patterns of light with infinite possibilities of expanding and those patterns of energy are full of experience, of memories, it is pure consciousness expanding and evolving with the all powerful energy, codes, patterns, colors, and sounds that translate into what we call Light Language.

Module 6

During this video we review the why our ancestors use light language and

how the light can be express into sound and movement and how discover our own sound.

Module 7

during this video we talk about the light language and the movement and how Movement that Heals - activation for the expansion of consciousness and higher communication through movement.

When you dance you are giving many benefits to the body, the mind and the emotions.

Module 8

During this video we learn about the types of codes;

Types of written Codes


There are many ways to classify codes outside of my course but for learning purposes we will set a few labels for practicing


Communication - sometimes we receive channeling and our codes have messages from beings of Light. Normally it is not the common denominator of the written codes and is characterized by being accompanied by multiple symbols in some cases that represent a series of frequencies in the form of letters that have a channeled message.


Portals - This type of code is normally characterized by having a strong influence of sacred geometry, symbolism, or numbers that represent locations in the galaxy intertwined with points, curves and lines that resemble direction and a sense of order and harmony.


Process - This type of code represents healing, activation, cleaning, balance or some process in which the energy harmonizes and we can say that these codes represent how the energy intertwines to find balance and attunement with the sacred light of the creator.


Soulmap Codes - This type of code represents a story for your Soul and they will change and evolve along with your transcendence and expansion.


LightGrid - These codes are highly connected with Gaia and they represent the akash of Gaia and humans rewriting history. They can hold portals, often have pyramidal structures, geometric shapes, sacred geometry, and jumps in time. They transmute karma, align energy, shift old programming to the New Earth frequency, and they are quite powerful since they connect directly with the crystalline grid and sentient Gaia and our ancestors.


Universal Codes - These codes are highly connected with the universal grid and they have the capacity to draw akash from the universe, to connect you with galactics and archangelics, and bring powerful frequencies at the multidimensional level and multiuniversal level that activate your DNA and light body.


Essence Codes - These codes often come though nature having kaleidoscopic shapes interwoven with psychedelic colors, fractals of light which often come through your own auric field being reflected in an image or picture. They can be more artistic and not as defined as the others and on a very fine line between artistic and sacred light coming through, I would say, if the feeling emanating matches a higher frequency. They can be defined as codes even though there may be a light flare or a reflection or the light on water for example. These codes are more personal where your guides or own aura come through than ones from the collective.


From my experience codes need to have certain harmonic elements