Module 5

This course was going to be launched  by the 888 And it was ready by the equinox just to clarify my opening. During this video the dirían council of light assist us to understand the mechanics of manifestation a by deep where the light it’s express through the chakras combined with the collective and manifest a source creation through the combination by the mind and the emotions through the imprints from any intention and action 

Module 6

During this video we will learn about how the collective will assist us to manifest a new reality and we will purge dome density regarding collective agreements.

Module 7

During this video we will learn about how to integrate a higher frequency into any exchange. 
The exchange means the way we give and receive to find the equilibrium between giving and receiving through and energy adjustment to vibrate higher 

Module 8

This it’s a continuation of module 7 where we are going to remember how to be aware of every exhange through the body in relationships with the collective And to develop a harmonious relationship with the collective consciousness and the source grid to manifest our soul desires in the physical 

Alchemy of Abundance