Foundation of Peace

Day 1 Root chakra

Archangel Uriel

During this recording we will Instruct Archangel Uriel to earth and ground your energy through your base chakra. The more diligent and aware you are of fear arising, the more peaceful you will feel. Negative energy feeds on fear and starts to shut down any positive action. This mighty archangel heals through humble devotion and reconnects you to your source energy by anchoring the light from heaven to earth.

Day 2 Sacral chakra

Archangel Chamuel

The Archangel of love and passion shields this portal of trust. Believe in yourself and trust your judgment. The more faith you have, the more love and creativity will flow through this very significant chakra. Clear any negative energy in all of your friendships, and especially your intimate relationships. This is your creative centre where moderation in all things will create your reality. When fear grips this energy zone, it can result in greed, excessive desires, physical wants and material needs.

Day 3 Solar plexus chakra

Archangel Jophiel

During this recording, we will work the Archangel Jophiel resonates with the golden ray of wisdom, guiding you to heal yourself from the negative emotions of wrath, deep rage, and anger. Attachment and the need to control will create an energetic shield, blocking the flow of energy. It feels like you are being cut off from the power of love and this quickly turns into the ego’s love of power. Invoke the angelic light of patience to focus on your own behavior – helping you to be positive, calm and serene.

Day 4 Heart chakra

Archangel Raphael

During this recording we will invoke Archangel Raphael Known as the Master Healer, Archangel Raphael supports all living forms of life. When your sacred heart is filled with love and light, you will not feel needy, manipulative or demanding. Instant gratification can block the heart from giving or receiving love, including self-love, adoration of nature and of life. When you love and respect yourself, you will be authentic, happy and empowered − you will then start to feel loving and filled with the grace of courage.

Day 5 Throat Chakra

Archangel Michael

During this recording we will Ask Archangel Michael to open your throat chakra with the sword of truth and the scales of justice. The sinful vice of the throat is gluttony, taking energy from others without giving anything in return. This can be remedied by releasing any harsh judgment, criticism, unkind words or actions, and giving love to yourself and others. Michael’s grace is giving and receiving wise counsel and speaking your truth as you clear this chakra.

Day 6 Third eye chakra

Archangel Zadkiel

During this recording we will Call on Zadkiel to release all shadows, behaviours and patterns that you deny seeing in yourself or others around you. As the violet light flows, it brings clear sight and helps to improve all of your clairs, especially your clairvoyance and claircognizance. This then opens you up to the grace of love and understanding.

Day 7 Crown chakra

Archangel Gabriel

During this recording we will Invite this magnificent angel of the pure white ray of divine light to open and manifest reverence and humility to all of your thoughts. He brings clarity, peacefulness, inspiration, creativity and joy. Ask him to clear any pride or negative sinful thoughts blocking the soul from feeling the love, wisdom and communication from your higher self.