Activation 1

During this transmission, your higher self and the archangelic to reprogram your energy field, clear, heal, restore, reset all your chakras and meridians to flow with abundance.

Activation 2

During this recording,your energy will received an adjustment through the activation of the pineal gland and the heart chakra as a magnet to ignite the light and connect you with your true source light this open field for all possibilities to exist with frequencies from guides from pleiades.

Activation 3

Being of light from siruis will assist on a deep clearing through white light, this recording it is soothing gentle and it will purify your genetic lineage codes in a circle of light through a white healing chamber.

Activation 4

Invocation of the fire of the abundance where the source will download a combo of frequencies to activate the fire of abundance and the removal of any program that conflicts with an infinite source of abundance through the download of unconditional love in all aspects of you and the integration with ease and flow and no effort and opens a portal with in the heart and ignite the fire of abundant to activate including the fire of joy, manifestation, creation and unity consciousness, passion as a sacred heart open to received and give abundant living.

Activation 5

During this recording through the merging with your beloved team and  higher self leading a healing circle to revitalize the energy while the dear source download gold and copper sacred geometry and light codes of unconditional creating a new matrix for healing to activate the rainbow light templates.

Activation 6

During this recording, you will allow yourself to travel deep within your consciousness and the solar plexus will ignite as a sun of the light sending rays of Glowing light into every chakra every cell and aspect of you.

Alchemy of Abundance