Guardians of the Light

Module 1

During this video, we invoke our higher self to work intimately with us during this course for us to be a guardian of the light. We also briefly explain the mechanics of the light language we will know what is is light language how we can understand it and discern the energies coming through I also share how I started and I encourage all of you to practice to be the guardian of the light 

Module 2

During this video, we will initiate a conection to raise the frequency and light language can come naturally through the heart and find your own symphony to broadcast the song of your soul.

Module 3

The purpose of Light Language is to shift your energy to a higher octave. You can feel this when tuning in. As your energy rises through your senses- your brain is triggered into a gamma state, where you become receptive and let go of control of your senses, therefore allowing your frequency to shift to expand your mental, emotional and spiritual capacity. This then allows you to tap into a realm of wisdom, healing, regeneration, and activation.

Module 4

During this video, we will receive and invoke a deep cleaning on your third eye and it is a meditative lesson and the activation of the higher chakras above the crown to facilitate the higher self-connection. this video also includes a chakra healing and grounding.