Guardians of the Light

Module 9

This video talks about Grid work - Lines of energy that carry experience, memory, beliefs, etc to our akash.


What does it mean to do a grid work?


Experiences are imprinted on light codes that represent a value; when I do a crystal grid or a light grid I create an intention for the light, and the grid helps my intentions to align with the grid of gaia and the universe and mostly likely it will be manifested


How can grid work help me? It is a simple way to get into alignment.

What do I need for creating a grid?


- Codes, sacred geometry on paper or on earth directly 

- My intentions

- Crystals, seeds, leaves, flowers, or anything you have on hand

- Clear and open heart

- Enjoy the process

Module 10

the is the closing video and it is calls help you to alchemize your technology to channel your own light language includes a recalibration.