Module 1

During this video you will received an adjustment on your energy field and at the same time Pleiades beings of light will guide us and expect changes on the physical and we are going to work with joy and trust as you initiate your energy adjustment

Module 2

During this video Pleiadians being of light will assist us to rectify our energy field as you relax And change the chemistry of your physical body to create a new alchemy through your chakra system through the heart chakra to reconnect yourself with the flow of the universe and alchemized your abundant Soul.

Module 3

During video we will practice and learn about the mechanics to attract and signal the realize will attract through our consciousness that it is emanated through the chakras.

Module 4

Light language during this video course we will clear old programming unveiled energy stagnant and learnt with a higher vibrational energy exchange should you for us to thrive on 5 dimensional space 

Alchemy of Abundance