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Atlantis Codes & Activations pack

Atlantis Codes & Activations pack


The 3 days will be filled with many activations, activations of the mind and body.

We will be working on your 3rd eye, crown chakra, heart chakra and lower energy centers.

You will have the opportunity to learn from higher dimensional beings and energies such as:

Atlanteans, whales and dolphins

During these workshops we will be using our new Atlantean Healing technologies:

The Starseed Codes Activation Tool for Releasing Limiting Beliefs and Unwanted Programming: This tool will help you to clear any old negative programming that you may have been carrying for lifetimes.

It will also help you to release any past life issues that are holding you back from moving forward in this lifetime.  

The Atlantean Merkabah Healing Meditation is a powerful meditation that helps us to connect with our inner wisdom while we connect with our Higher Self or Dolphins and whales Collective. 

It allows us to access information from other dimensions as well as receive divine guidance from our guides and angels in order for us to make decisions in our lives that are aligned with our soul purpose here on Earth at this time.

You will also receive the access link to participate live.

If you cannot participate, the video will be recorded and uploaded to a private YouTube playlist where you will have access.

The purpose is that you can activate yourself, during this 7-7 portal in the comfortable of your home.

We will start with the opening and connection with the frequency of Atlantis through the counselor of light.

Activations will be in zoom at 8 am pst, 11 am est on 7/7, 7/8, 7/9. Each day the zoom will be 45 - 60 minutes and on the last day we will have an extra 30 minutes for questions and the closure of this lineup.

By registering you will receive your codes in digital form, the link where each channel will be uploaded and the access for the zoom call.

Would you like to Rekindle your Starseed Codes?

Join Us | 7/7 Atlantean Workshop - Channeling Atlantis!

Starting on 7/7 and for 3 days we will be anchoring 7 frequencies, 7 Atlantean codes.

What are the benefits of this workshop?

Day 1- Initiation | Cleansing the Way

✔️Receive your Atlantean Code and ET DNA activation in a group setting.

✔️Receive the 7 frequencies that can help you to transform low frequency patterns and blockages.

Day 2- The Upgrade | installing a mercaba of light and high heart Activation. Q&A

✔️Receive the 4D shield that will protect you from negative energies and entities.

✔️Learn how to use the Shield to protect yourself, your loved ones and your home.

✔️Learn how to connect with your Higher Self, Atlantis Self (High Heart), and receive guidance from it.

Day 3 | Merging with my Higher Aspects

✔️Learn how to connect with your Inner Atlantis Guide (Higher Self) through meditation and know more about your Atlantis lifetimes.

✔️Learn how to Use the Atlantis Code energy technology to upgrade your Body of light, mercaba of light & Starseed DNA.

Any other questions please let me know

The course will be meditative and relaxing through Zoom.

Learn more:

I any other questions please contact me

We start on 7/7 where we will activate the code thatWe'll see you on zoom

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