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Lemurian Activations

Lemurian Activations



Virtual Workshop -I invite you to join me in integrating new Lemurian 9th Dimensional light frequency levels in this channeled meditation recorded live amidst the peak of the Equinox energies.

This Online program will start on the 20th of March, and participants will receive the material by email, including the 4 KEY CODES in PDF and the recorded Channeling Journeys.

If you desire to Elevate your Frequency, this program gives you access to 9th Dimensional Higher vibrational levels of love and light are now available, ready to be tapped into and integrated.

The second wave of the Galactic Codes has been received in co-creation with the 9th Lemurian Collective created for the Equinox Virtual WorkShopEach one of these Galactic codes holds specific frequencies that will resonate through your heart that will be key this EQUINOX. If these Code activations speak to you, you will feel them on levels without words to explain or describe; they are above word translation.

 They are a message to awaken the galaxy within you, to embody more of your ascended aspects. Each Code will activate keys and Codes within you to access your higher mind and higher heart wisdom as you merge with the Lemurian consciousness.

 There is a powerful connection between Lemurian beings and technology; therefore, they make a perfect screen saver, background image, or download onto any device.

Breathe, relax and listen to experience rising into the light and then join in creating a powerful ripple of LOVE and light together throughout time, space, consciousness, and All That Is.

  • Lemurian code 1: This Code came through as a ”Master Code Connection” it can be used in conjunction with any other Code to the accelerator and amplify its frequencies. 
  • Lemurian code 2: Galactic Key Code.
  • Lemurian code 3: Reconnection, remembrance, and retrieval.
  • Lemurian code 4: Star seed soul remembrance.

Plus ten channeled journeys with the Lemurian High Council - to receive healing and activation for the equinox.

If you have any questions, let us know.


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