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THE SHIFT | Virtual Workshop

THE SHIFT | Virtual Workshop


The online Virtual Workshop "THE SHIFT" channel from Mary Magdalene by Grethel. The Course will be weekly, and it will last 6 Weeks. During the workshop that will start the 11/11 portal, go through the 12/12 portal, and It will end the Winter Solstice on December 21 to SHIFT, closing this year and being more than ready to see millions of blessings next.

You can change your life right now and quickly move from 2022 to change and manifest a brilliant 2023 with a new mindset.

Too often, we are stuck in the victim mentality that life is happening to us, but in reality, life is happening through us, and we are co-creators of our life.
Our ego mind will tell us that we don't have what it takes to change to a new way of life, but our infinite spirit, which is love, tells us that all we have to do is change our perception, and a miracle will happen.

If you're ready to change a circumstance, situation, or life, here are some places to start. Topics: 

  1. The Great Reconnection Of The Diamond Heart; Channeling on Saturday 11/12 We will begin with a powerful but very loving transmission with the language of light channeled by Grethel, where Maria Magdalena will give us a channeled message and transfer through the language of light to reconnect with the part of your Being that is the source and get ready for this incredible "SHIFT".
  2. The Great Purification of Diamond Love; During this channeled transmission on Saturday, 11/19, Maria Magdalena will share her wisdom and will share you will be able to purify each area of your experience starting from the cells, the emotional, and mental, singular and collective body, of this life or any other, so make a significant " SHIFT" in life closing 2022 and full of new light and light start 2023 in Divine synchronicity.
  3. The Great Revelation of the Design of the Future: During this channeling on Saturday, 11/26, Maria Magdalena will guide us on a journey through time in future lifelines to obtain information on where to make the Great "SHIFT". Through the heart, the great plan of the soul will be revealed to you and what steps you need to get there.
  4. The Great Divine Plan: During this transmission, on Saturday, 12/3, now that you know what you want and where you are going, you must decide that this is yours. Maria Magdalena will channel transmission to align you with the highest and greatest good. Where a divine intervention will give the solutions to problems to be solved and where you can move to a higher path from where you are now to where you want to go without deciding to do so. The significant "SHIFT" will be in the energy that will attract new connections and open paths so that you can be the architect of your destiny and manifest 2023 in divine alignment.
  5. The Great SHIFT, Re-Designing 2023: During this channeled transmission Saturday 12/10, Maria Magdalena will guide us in channeling to find the balance between each polarity re-designing from the present so where you want to go, Create, Manifest, "SHIFT "The paradigm opening 2023 on the right path, divine order, divine grace and in alignment with the power of love—anchoring a new order in the portal of 12-12 to change the line of life receiving 2023 with open arms.
  6. The Great Closing and initiation of a new lifeline during the Venano Solstice portal. During the Portal on Saturday, 12/17, during the channeling that will close in progress. Maria Magdalena will guide us to change your lifeline and anchor the Original blueprint of your soul to download the Tools where 2023 will manifest itself full of love, light, and abundance.


Limited quota and closed; the last day to register is Saturday, 11/12. When subscribing, you will be given a link where during each date described above, the channeling of the week will be added to a playlist that you can listen to in the comfort of your home at the desired time. The intention is that permission is given to integrate the "SHIFT" with gentleness, steadiness, and divine alignment.


If you have any questions, let us know.

  • Access the material

    To access the material you will be given a link by email

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