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Third Eye Awekening | Meditation Pack

Third Eye Awekening | Meditation Pack

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Introducing the "Third Eye Awakening Meditation Pack" – a transformative journey of self-discovery and heightened perception.


This comprehensive pack is meticulously curated to guide you through a series of ten channeled guided meditations, each designed to activate your pineal gland and awaken the dormant potential of your third eye.


Embark on a path of inner awakening and intuitive insight as you explore the realms of seer-like perception, premonition, subtle field adjustment, sensitivity refinement, and integrated efficiency within your being.

What's Included:

  • Channeled Guided Meditations (x10): Immerse yourself in a series of expertly crafted guided meditations, each centered around a unique aspect of third eye activation.

  • *Third Eye Course Activation 1 | Powerful Third Eye Efficiency, Adaptation & IntegrationThird Eye Course Activation

  • * 2 I The Seer InitiationThird Eye Course Activation

  • * 3 I Boost your Intuition & ClairsThird Eye Course Activation

  • * 4 I Activate your ClairsThird Eye Course Activation

  • * 5 | Sight I SeeThird Eye Course Activation

  • * 6 | Third Eye Adaptation & IntegrationThird Eye Course Activation

  • * 7 | Grounding your LightThird Eye Course Activation

  • * 8 | Renovating your Pineal GlandThird Eye Course Activation

  • * 9 | Adjusting the subtle FieldsThird Eye Course Activation

  • * 10 | Third Eye Activation Course I Pleiades Light Language Channeling - Q&A I Final IntegrationThird Eye Course Activation

  • * 11 | Adjusting Intuition, Premonition and Seer toolkitThird Eye Course Activation | Sharing my experience.

  • These meditations are designed to lead you on a journey of inner exploration, unlocking your innate intuitive abilities and expanding your consciousness.

  • The Seer's Revelation Meditation: Embark on a voyage of inner sight, tapping into the seer-like qualities of your third eye. Uncover hidden truths and gain insights beyond the material world.

  • Premonition Unveiled Meditation: Develop your ability to glimpse into the future with this meditation, allowing your intuitive faculties to blossom and guide you along your life's path.

  • Subtle Field Adjustment Meditation: Harmonize your energetic fields and align your spiritual self with your physical existence, fostering a sense of balance and unity.

  • Refining Sensitivity Meditation: Enhance your sensitivity to energies and vibrations, enabling you to perceive the subtle nuances of the universe.

  • Efficiency Integration Meditation: Imbue your entire being with newfound efficiency, optimizing your mind, body, and spirit for a harmonious existence.

  • 2-Hour Guided Class: Join us for an immersive 2-hour class led by seasoned experts in third eye activation. Dive deeper into the mechanics of the third eye, learn advanced techniques, and engage in discussions with fellow seekers.

  • Bonus Experience Sharing Video: Gain exclusive access to a bonus video where we share personal experiences, insights, and tips on navigating the transformative journey of third eye activation.

  • a FREE | Light Language Pdf Class and 3 Exclusive Activation Codes for Purification, activation and Boost your Gifts.


Embark on this journey of self-discovery and transformation.


The "Third Eye Activation Meditation Pack" offers not only guided experiences but also practical tools and knowledge to help you unlock your intuitive potential and elevate your perception.


Whether you're new to the concept of the third eye or seeking to deepen your practice, this pack is designed to meet you where you are and guide you towards a new realm of inner clarity and wisdom.


Activate your third eye today and experience the profound shifts that come with enhanced perception and self-awareness. Your journey towards a more intuitive and aligned life starts now.

  • if you can not download instantly, send us a msg

    Maximum in 24 hours to receive access if yuo can not download it instantly.

    The codes are not sharable in social media, please use them for personal use.

    Any further questions pelase let us know,

    with gratitude Grethel


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