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3 ways to channel spirit we all have

Do you know that there are at least 3 levels of connection with spirit When channeling? Light Language is One of them is where you access the language of light. Here I explain.

The Conscious Mind - Instinct, experience merge into the wisdom of being. We all have all of them, however this is the most common one.

The connection with the Heart - This is the voice of intuition, it does not obey logic, it does not obey the wisdom of the soul beyond this plane. It can be channeled into writing, advice, or a magical tool like tarot cards, your pendulum,etc.

Channeling the creator - Here the ego steps aside and the higher self is in charge and the information that flows can be in human language or language of light. because the transmission is through energetic pulsations that travel in quantum waves and are translated into personal language or in a non-linear way only in feeling.

The language of light is the Message Encoded in more than words. Actually according to studies from the University of California the communication is 55% nonverbal (Gestures, movement) , 38% vocal (tone), and 7% words only.

So we all speak with out words and a multidimensional level we called it the language of the light. where your spirit understands the full message and your soul filters it through your sensory expression as an individual.

You will develop a predominant energy in the receiver and transmitter is the channel by which your spirit becomes one at a spiritual level. It is understood in your heart and vibrates in your emotions.

It comes from the wisdom of your soul and filters through the feminine energy channeling it through 3 expressions.

Movement, sound and symbolism.

I am sharing a code with a meditation that will magically help you to tune into that oneness and all the vastness of your soul.

Light Language financial Abundance Guided Meditation I Angels & Fairies of Abundance

You can find this en more on my YouTube channel @encodedfrequencyand more images to activate yourself at my website.

May this be helpful.

Shed a light

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Bertha Maldonado
Bertha Maldonado
Jun 05, 2023

I Loveee how you explain it so nice and smooth thank you so much sweet Grethel 🙏❣️❣️❣️

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