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Alien Race - Pléiades Altair Galactic Ary

Alien Race - Pléiades Altair

Greetings and Cosmic Blessings!

As I connected with your Cosmic team, the image I was shown was that of a beautiful galaxy with planets swirling around in my dreams then an image of a very angelic fit and smooth being appeared in front of me. I did my best to capture her glory. The vibrational field I felt was known to me and it brought tears of remembrance.

I must confess this being did not only look so beautiful she also felt like heaven. The best description I can give is that a blissfully multidimensional expression of your soul is assisting on many multidimensional planes. The gift that they have for you is to upgrade your chakras so that you increase your vibration to merge with the Cosmic expression of yourself into one.

Also I was advised that you will receive beneficial information from their dimension as well as the awareness to know that you can look at every aspect of your world as a high expression of your soul. And with this awareness you become more accepting of yourself and your higher being.

What I saw was that your soul was placed into a healing chamber of light. While you are reading this message you are actually downloading the energy from this healing. The benefits of this healing will be felt in the upcoming week.

They ask that you stay grounded and take the ride slowly. Since your energy will be working the redesign can be intense if you do not ensure rhythmic breathing. Allow your body to integrate so that you support your vessel then your vessel can support your journey.

We are pleased to bring a message to you as it is a great joy entirely from the highest point of vibration. We are also grateful to connect with your specific angelic presence and guides and we are pleased to begin with this transmission.

As you are transitioning into a 4-dimensional being with the energy rising an alignment with planetary energy has begun. In connection with those solar energies and your higher being to guide you, those soul fragments will be integrated by relaxing and breathing in deeply. And by doing so we ask you to allow yourself to receive this vibrational blessing. This will also help you to connect with your Cosmic family.

Now as you open your field knowing this is a sacred place, we ask you to take 7 deep and cleansing breaths one for each chakra field. Only the highest of the highest energies will come in. We want you to consider this opening as a connection with your galactic purpose.

Open your chakras while we connect with you for the next 3 minutes and the effect will last for a few weeks. As a consequence of higher energy resonance your world will be restructured in a new energy.

We ask you to allow your higher consciousness to be in command to assist you during this process when we are connected with your physical form. If there is resisting energy it is holding you back and we will guide you through this to become the greatest version of you.

As it was said, the reason for us to reveal is that you are the light and the conduit holding hands between the third-dimensional state and the 5-dimensional state as one energetic experience like what you are currently embodying.

Visualize your crown open and as you rhythmically breath notice you are already centered and connected with your Cosmic family. As you take a deep and cleansing breath you will receive a very specific image and message about your next steps. Trust and know the word, symbol or color you received was a communication from your multidimensional self.

Relax into yourself and feel the galaxy within. We want you to remember that every practice we give you must be used at your own discretion. Now that you know that you are connected with a new energy from which you will experience action, based on love and light. As you do this process in the coming weeks it will bring a transformative action as well as a new understanding of your multidimensional being quantum. It goes beyond this physical reality you see.

It is our command that the stardust in your bones, the minerals in your vessel and the glow of your soul spark brightly every day of your earthly life.

Cosmic blessing and love,

Your Guides"

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