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Alien Race ~ Venusian Galactic Art ~Spiritual Guide Drawing

Alien Race ~ Venusian Galactic Art ~Spiritual Guide Drawing

Awakening your Divine Love Light Codes!

When I tune into this message the first image I saw was a spark of rose gold that began to grow and the Light could flow into your Soul and build pillars of Light that slowly and gently began to form a Temple. A beautiful garden made of shades of Light interwoven with your Soul, Guides and the spark in her hands is the activation of the Spirit.

Outside there was a garden mirroring the heavens and the starlight of the Venusian Temples where this being lives to adore the life of God.

Your Guides welcomed to this Encoded Message and Light Codes, that are an invitation to Awakening your Divine Light.

Venus appears to be a really happy place to be, as this sensation is brought to you through the image of an Encoded Light coming thru the Vortex of your Heart.

The Venusian energy, the high frequency of the message is a Soul loving Magic. The energetic transformational energies that bring Light and Love.

This is an invitation to take a journey with us as your spiritual team, you Ancestor, your Soul family, and Light Tribe. Right within your Heart flowing, aligning, listen to it ,your soul wisdom, and marching your Inner-Peace.

In human history before now, in many the energy is shifting into the Power of Love. It was never felt like this in human history. You are genuinely being activated and when you meditate with this image or pray you will want to bring to attention to your identity and sense of loving Self.

Do not Fear Awakening the Divine LOVE... It lives in you!

The person no longer seems to make shady.

When the power of Love awakes, it will releases blocks to many illusions, awakening the Divine Love in you to choose, to vanish those walls and flinch everything you could not feel before and feel free.

Awakening Divine Love is aligning with your Heart to know with your Soul, to dance with life, embodying the REAL you, finding your true Essence of the Light.

Awakening Divine Love does not mean to learn new. It was never about the mind or you as a person... It is about knowing the REAL You.

To feel the Life Force of Divine Love and the Light...

Awakening to you!

Sparkling the Divine Love is to feel free... to be you!

To see outside of society, to rebirth, and organize yourself in a away you play with your Cosmic Essence to integrate your heaven, to be your magic, and change the system by affecting the Heart, one step at a time.

Wake up to your Inner-World full of Divine Love.

Use you Inner-Eye to recognize your beaming Light within, flickering, twinkly, glowing Soul radiance in you Heart Light.

A timeline shift is unfolding, to realign The Awakening, The Light, and your Divine presence across the Earth Grid.

Awakening Divine Love to the Light of your Heart, is important now,... as is to hold the field of Love, Peace, and Soul Presence.

To find your thread of Light to the Divine Love Heart Light and cultivate this direct link from within.

Remember that you are a being of Highest Light...

With LOVE and LIGHT, your Guides 💙

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