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Andromeda Starseed

My Drawing of the Light ~ Andromeda

This Soul Chart ~ My Drawing of the Light ~ Has a direct alignment to the Elders of the Andromeda Galaxy from Cassiopeia ( they felt very angelic as being of light as if I was looking a crystal a life, are a beautiful, heart-centered race and most are 7th dimensional. extremely healing sensation, pleasant, gentle) ~ Overseeing the Galaxy. and the Pleiades Maia, Taygeta, Celaeno in Connection with The Ascended Atlantis.

In connection with Aldebaran ~ Celestial Civil Service.

Mars ~ Resourceful, Magical Creation.

Pleiades ~ Elder, Serene, Compassionate, teaches by presence.

Aphrodite ~ Beauty of God Sirius B ~ Beauty, Golden, Vitality, Nature.

Sirius A ~ Open-Minded, sees the Big Picture, the Gift of Intuition.

Arcturus ~ creates Sacred Spaces. Venus ~ the Power of LOVE

The most beautiful being around the Galaxy are Andromedan they hold the gift of beauty 🤍

Greetings and Blessings ~

We are Higher Light, all combined in a Healing Group of Healing Light. So Calm your Senses, Open your Soul, and Tune In to the Direct Messages from your Guides.

Use your intuition to tune in to the Messages from your Soul.

In every eternity, there is a Unique Essence of Energy around you.

Your Thoughts, Emotions, and your Beliefs determined the Existence you understand and acknowledge.

Your Vibrational Energy Signature intermixes with the Collective Consciousness always.

Breathe Light and Open the Heart. This is how you, the Individual, hold Power, hold the Key, transform and Realign Humanity and Earth.

Open the Heart to the Spiritual Truth, with the Divine Realms of Cooperation, Compassion and Co-Creation centered in Love, Peace, and Appreciation.

When your Rebuild, Grow and Expand Consciously, Spiritually, and Mentally, the Power you tune in to immediately flows throughout and influences All.

Let the Message Vibrate in your Heart and Mind. You hold the key and the Power and the Light to Transform This Realm.

Open Your Heart.

Your Heart is the Sacred Portal, allowing you to access the Higher Realms.

Open Your Heart and Find All You Need There.

Many Blessings ~

Your Loving Guides

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