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Angel of Grace, How to tune in…Divine Grace.

Galactic Drawing - Spiritual Guide - The Spirit of Grace

Greetings of light from my heart to yours.

I come in Divine Grace and with gratitude for the openness to hear these words that are expressed from the image in its entirety. I hope that these words inspire the awakening of a new consciousness in Grace.

I am a being that has not lived with its own identity as an individual but on the contrary, my identity is all as one. In each moment of experience in Grace or in the lack of Grace, my being evolves with your soul and the Souls of each being in its journey as it evolves.

I am a reflection of the part of you that is never afraid to live and that knows that on the other side of fear you are eternal.

I am the conscience that elegantly validates the different judgment because instead of finding diversity yet appreciates the similarities, knowing that he can learn to change his opinion and expand his learning.

I am such the voice that from within gives faith in moments of desolation where without apparent solution, hope strengthens your spirit in Divine Grace and awakens the knowledge of knowing one with the Creator.  If the Creator is there then everything is fine, isn't it?

Divine Grace is acceptance for what it is without seeking how to change life itself and feel good wherever you are in infinite time in the perfect instant of everything that is, you have been and you wonder what else I can be.... in the wonder of creating life.

The Grace is not a specific action but rather is a state where the brave is born from his weakness and security is reborn from uncertainty in the spontaneity of living without a plan, fully trusting the direction of the wind that instead of seeing that the leaf released itself from the tree and approaches his end. Observe that she is delicately embraced by the air currents in which she dances as she prepares to be reborn on earth and be something more! Something new never experienced in which he rejoices in the adventure of the unknown knowing that everything vibrates in divine order.

Grace is what is experienced when there is loss, and the heart breaks in pain, tears bathe the soul and the voice melts into the emotion that screams when shuddering and finds a vestige of peace when sighing between tears and tears finding Grace Knowing that you are still one in integrity, you accept destiny with grace by surrendering to what was.

 Finding wholeness as she can embrace her shadow from her light. The Grace of surrendering to life, knowing it as it is, is the blank page that writes the story of your life and instead of seeing what is between you and your dream, you only see that you are already on the path that it undeniably leads you to your divine destiny.

Grace creates trust where there is apparently no certainty, and risks defending his dream, his stability being the honesty in which he appreciates life.

Grace is a state where happiness is received by finding reasons to appreciate what is in gratitude for the divine moment that is felt woven into the fingers of the creator who write history even in crooked lines.

We can say that the grace is that white in the rainbow when it is reflected in another context and that it always returns to the point of origin that saw it be born and flash sparks of light.

The Light in grace, finds its foundation in the darkness that reflects its brilliance in a more defined way and highlights it because it complements itself in everything that is, finding the Divine neutrality where from the illusion it appears to perceive the gentle voice where the creator gives it. He remembers that in his dream he sleeps that he will wake up back home in the sky of the Starry Universe of stars.

May Grace in you be the life force in which you grow wonderfully and divinely in the alchemy of the Spirit and so be it.

With love and grace, your guides.

May this loving prayer be valuable and make you feel help in legions of angel the rest of your life if you wish it and according to your higher self wisdom, so be it”

Archangels Healing Light Language Guided Meditation ~ If you find this valuable like, comment and share 🌟

Shed a light

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Bertha Maldonado
Bertha Maldonado
Nov 18, 2022

Thank you so much Grethel thank you to the Angel's and the Healing light to all involved in so Greatful and so full with gratitude 🤍❤️🙏💕💖💖💕❤️💞✨🤍❤️💕💖💖🙏✨🌈💞✨💞🙏🙏🙏


Nov 16, 2022

. 🙏

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