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Atlantis Elders Drawing

I am Bay an Atlantean elder we live in our bodies of light in the etheric consciousness as ascended being of light.

We are the Atlantis Elders representing the expanded energy, representing the Aqua Lights and Rays that makeup Ray 13, or the Aqua Flame. Moving through inner peace light and through our Atlantean ascended bodies encoded in these light codes. In this connection, we begin by exploring the energies one by one, through the Light. Allow yourself to build in the space of the Vibration of the Pure White Light Source. Allow yourself to expand the Aqua light as you gaze at the image exponentially, beyond time and space or any limitation and dimensional construction, so that we can integrate and "rejoin" our totality in a much broader way, open to the Aqua Ray, which is our Oneness and Presence. one-dimensional. Allow yourself to be Unified in ascension and mastery, lifting the veils and embracing Our Pure Nature of Love, Source, and Infinite Creation in new ways and so be it. Allow yourself today to rise through these codes in the image to the fused Space of Being: space from which we are both individualized and united and complete as Source. This is the Energy of the Self as Source, knowing itself as individualized, but without attachment to the stories. It is the space of Gnostic True Passion and Love, as well as the Experience of the head and the Heart merging as One. Living fuller, better, more connected, and loving abundant lives through what is truly the most cutting edge material channeled to date on life, creation, and how it all comes together! The symbols are new and personal only for you, with your own new being of activation and integration of the Source of Being, the first beings that vibrate in the originality of the Aqua ray

with love Bay

the Aqua flame represents a merge between healing emerald green and the wise and courageous blue ray

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