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Atlantis Healing Light Codes

Healing Light Codes I Meditation I Equinox

Hello beautiful Souls,

Waking up with the sunrise in me, made me reflect about all going on and my heart just express “Let love to lead you to find Balance” Could it be that simple? I think so

We are In preparation for the gateway Equinox this September 22th

The autumn equinox is the time for Gaia when she finds equilibrium between the day and the night.

This Equinox anchor the perfection in us and embody the Divine Light while downloading Plasmic light purifying our beingness as the same time it teaches us healthy habits so you can sustain a balance life.

Tune into yourself to discern how you have been holding yourself back,

At the same time collectively September started with a recalibration mode where we are passed the middle of the year and we ask ourselves who did we go? Where I am? And most importantly where I am going?

There is a great opportunity to practice harmonic resonance call forth LOVE Light Codes and manifest your highest potential anchor and embody the Highest Light that is available to us.

Today I’m sharing a light language guided meditation Create a beautiful environment around you with codes of Calm, serene and enhancing dopamine and endorphins. Sleep Well, Relax.

Atlantis Healing

With love and blessings, Grethel

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