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Being at service Do you feel the calling?

As a Spiritual healer, a coach is commonly having people asking for help…

I’ve learned that when someone feels bad, it’s my responsibility to help them.

First, help needs to be requested; therefore to be given.

An second rule is: connect, then correct! When the advice comes from “I’m right, you are “wrong” it’s coming from being a perfectionist, or “I know more than you”; and I believe it is not an organic spiritual attitude.

We can agree to disagree!

Not because we don’t agree you, it means that you are wrong!

I Can validate their feelings and hold the space with kindness without trying to fix the situation because feels inconvenience to me.

When to help? Intuition knows when it’s ideal….trust your gut feeling…

I can help! We all need help sometimes but help comes when it feels right! Because you can and you expect nothing in return, just because your heart wants too.

When someone is in need! Please help! This world screams for volunteers to be of service in any area you feel your calling!

Donations, being active on your community and in many ways it will feels easy and righteous to do it.

I love that when people honored the service from military, police, teachers, doctors etc; their service it’s appreciated, regardless of conditions.

When to help?

When is requested and not being there is an inconvenience to me*. But, because I overflow with light and love then it’s easy to share it with myself and the ones around me.

Propuesta: When my assistance is requested, and I'm not there, it's an inconvenience to me. But, because I overflow with light and love then it’s easy to share it with myself and the ones around me.

I will always trust when to give an opinion, advice, or help feelings, comfortable with the knowing that sometimes the best helps isn’t “fixing it “; but is stay there in the time of need and say: “hey! if you need anything just reach out to me”.

There’s an intelligence in us that guides us at all time, and if we listen it, we can be the angel of someone; and that it’s the ultimate spiritual goal.

The service! Rather I know!, I'm old soul and bla, bla, bla…

The Integrity, I learned it from a friend, and she taught me that it comes from being honest about what it’s honest to do…

At the end, being empathic and a light worker is a blessing …

I like to know that It's easy to discern with empathy rather than sympathy.

In sympathy, I lower myself in order to feel compassion, sadness, or any emotion that matches the “bad” situation from a friend or client.

With empathy, you feel the injustice, pain or whatever arises to don’t resist it! It’s honored! Acknowledge and through love it’s transformed into help, healing or support.*

*propuesta: With empathy, you feel the injustice, pain or whatever arises to: "don't resist it!", and, "It's honored!" Acknowledge that through love it’s being transformed into help, healing or support.

I love to know, that eventhough I am still learning, and don’t know it all. What I know, is that there are higher powers guiding me; and I trust that assistance is always at hand to me, or anyone that needs it.

I’m happy to read about your own instincts about it, and hopefully it’s valuable in some way.

Disregard what does not feel right for you, and always remember to shed a light!

Shed a light!

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