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Blue Avian Drawing

My Guide Drawing Activation of the Blue Avian Creator Galactic codes Greetings of light from our galaxy to yours The light from our hearts greet you and enhance your true light to glow now and would like you to understand that we are here with open heart gratitude and we ask you to open your heart in light and love The Blue Avian consciousness is designed to point to the essential truths about the nature of consciousness and engineers and creators Back into the light of our open creator hearts and into the direct experience of our inner core of light, which has the beautiful opportunity to be upgraded and realigned now galactically A true Creator is a living organism that channels light from the creator and accesses the information and data of the higher mind of the universe through the reflection of the creator's energy as a human. A creator human that reflects the light by example and also informs the culture but is not limited by it. Be open and receive the Divine inspiration as to the big picture of your life in the Creator's heart to be a creator of worlds like us you need to Awaken, lead and inspire, live and direct and point to a place beyond time towards the timeless reality from which we all come and to which we all return in all planes in one way or another. The shifting human reality is reflections of the human light that suggest that the invisible reality is reduced to beliefs that the soul created through linear time. resistance obstructs the light, and now is time to turn into light up and tune in to the field of the vast creation of Source in each moment a The light that stopped receiving source data and was only limited to the perception in the limitation now is time to create flow so Open up to grow in your light In this drawing, you will find gifts of light, when you see it, you will receive the energetic downloads, creation, and upgrades required to carry you into the upcoming cycle of creation ... Traverse the unknown in place of new, higher, higher mind beliefs and data that elevate your experience to a path of least resistance When that happens, the ideas of light stop growing, stop serving their true purpose, and generally become a tool of power that asserts itself not through wisdom but through fear. The idea where humans understand that they always have what they need in divine alignment and in the universal order Open your heart expand into the higher levels of cosmic consciousness and crystalline ascension light. It is time to love completely and a time of transition, reset, and transformation ... Tune into the guidance of the creative heart now Happy galactic gateway my beloved Blue Avians Collective

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