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Blue Ray Starseeds Galactic Art Orion

Soul Chart comes with an Orion essence, very connected with Lyra, Sirius, Pleiades.  From Orion you explore Mintaka, Sigma, OMEGA, Alnilam and Rigel was guide for humanity, a first was part of the spirit of creation as a Being of Light as guide of Gaia, as human you are connected with Egypt, Elementals, Dragons, Druids.  I think you have many incarnations as a Shaman and from  Atlantis.

When I tune in your Soul Chart what I sense  is that you are definitely a Starseed, I perceive a strong sense of Orion essence within you. You are born on Earth having the role to seed consciousness from a Higher Light in the duality of Earth.  You came with a lot more experience to deal with the shift from Gaia into the fifth dimension.

You briefly passed from Lyra to Orion, as your father was escaping from a war on the Galaxy. I am observing you wandering around in different constellations trying to hide away from the draconians.

You come from a lyran lineage and your family line is strong and I am seeing a variety of skin colors. Your family is from Lyra. They were blue-skinned with the Elohim. They had mostly elevated roles back in those days.

Your lyran aspect looks as a humanoid cat alike, more like an avatar.  After that experience your escence was developed in Mintaka in Orion, it was a pleasant place to live. You are very resilient, wise and so open to assist others. Their community was very strong as their pack made them powerful and welcoming people.

This Orion life was a very family oriented people and a joyful living. You had blue skin as well and could change form and be a type of amphibious humanoid.

In Orion it hay bad and good people and they had a duality consciousness for a long time. You enjoyed your evolution and you could understand many different races. By being multicultural it gave you a strong sense of authenticity and accountability.

Orion for your Soul was the best scenario to grow and evolve so you explore being tall gray, reptilian, insectoid being, mermaid people, in your way to appreciate diversity and to remind yourself that you are a perfect and unique representative of the universe that could have or share space with many races but only one escence.

Orion helps your Soul to learn from diversity and to discover your own authenticity, as wellp the understanding of your Soul not avoiding hurt but more becoming part of the process to fix distortion.

Orion teaches you to show Love regardless of constant conflicts. You had different experiences in Alnilam, Rigel, Mintaka, Sigma and Omega, the most important lesson learned was that the joy of Love or the loving fulfillment of sharing Love in all you do.

I am seeing also a Pleidian life in Celaeno where you look more like white, amber eyes and dark hair with cat eyes, where you was a sort of representative of the Star System Counsel, the lesson there was that you could stop trying to be perfect and that Oiron tendency to be fixing everything could lead on being drain and that things are always the way they are meant to be.

The Sirius aspect is another blue skin and a very influential one and I think the reason you wanted to come to Earth was because you felt like you wanted to evolve faster and give service as a humanitarian to assist Earth in its ascension process.

Living in Sirius it was a very connected to plants and minerals, you looked more like an avatar blue humanoid more evolve, and you learn a lot about the laws of the universe and become a master and a leader for many beings around the Universe and your dream for your Soul was eager to satisfy your spirit and identify all things that would make your spirit challenge the evolution of your own Soul.

Your Guides are always with you, as well you are always connected with your angels. The truth is that you’re always connected to them… when you are in your center you can cultivate your connection with the Galaxy.
A simple way to perceive your connection is when you can be still and notice the presence of your Guides, when you take a deep breath, close your eyes, and do your best to focus within.

I hope that helps.

Your mission is along with creation and communication. You can do it through the work you do, however it is part of your essence you are also aligned with business and abundance so anything you desire to create you will be blessed, so... YES IT IS ALIGNED WITH YOUR MISSION.

Ray starseeds Galactic Art

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