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Build the Routine of a Master

Have you every feel you want to become your our Guru and best Guide? Read this...

They are the ones are born to be lead and the ones whom are leading with light.

How to get there? Well you build foundation through your daily routine to support and become what your wish to BE.

Today and always there are infinite possibilities to be aligned with everything that rightfully belongs to you. Claim it! focus on seeing your strengths and finding countless reasons to be grateful for in the present moment.

You are energy and proof of that is have you ever touched someone and they gave you an electric pulse? You have felt chills when entering a place where perhaps there is density, heaviness. Have you instinctively turned around and someone is watching you? You see it naturally, you connect with the electromagnetic field that connects us with everything and everyone.

You do not need to see or have proof that something is not right, your whole being in an innate way reveals it in silence, right? What happens is that the voice of the spirit is so gentle that most of the time it is ignored because it is not present in your being.

Develop the routine where each habit you make fills you with self-love, where each activity you do for love and where your life is guided by the magic of your star seed vibrating like the immense Universe and always renewing itself.

When you sleep do you rest? When you think it brings you calm? When you feel every emotion lifts you up? When you eat do you do it knowing that it is the food of the temple of your soul? When you wake up are you really awake? Each Activity can be a small step to get closer to the Master's routine, where each moment makes you feel validated and is the path of the flow of the harmony of love.


Meditation when combined with the language of light, the noise of the ego and the pains of the past fade into your radiant light. calm melts with the mind and emotions open the portal of the heart. The best gift you can give yourself is to give yourself time to create the routine where the light cuts you off and love multiplies.

Observe your routine without judging it and make a small change every day where you become the master of light and the expert in the language of love in harmony with your best being.

May your action be the action of the Master who finds support in the routine, the structure that is the foundation of the wisdom of your soul at all times, and so be it.

Discover how to tap into your body's intuition as I share a light language guided meditation your crown will relax and open to receive answers to everything you seek.

Light language is an easy tool and reliable source you can always use to reactivate your own self as your own Oracle and channel accurate intuitive guidance.

Powerful Crown Chakras Healing Guided Light Language Meditation I Connect with the Source and uplift


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Shed a light


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