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Carry the light!

Hold the light!

carry you back into your heart right where you started to carry you on and on and on shining light

Don’t let yourself sitting in darkness

carry you and be there for you

be kind and gentle to your needs

can you carry yourself back into your heart if you are struggling?

when the struggle comes remember to carry you back into your heart on and on and on

the most important person in your life is you...

do not forget to carry you into your heart and add kindness and patience to create a sacred space for you to grow in peace and serenity

Breath .....

Set an intention for a beautiful morning light language meditation.

Feel the morning sun, open your chest and relax.

Check in with the breath and just be!

This image represents as elevating ourselves and carrying the light as the earth angel we all really are

If you feel down, low, exhausted , and the list can go on know that there power in you to shift everything

Just let it glow

Let your light shine and bathe it all

So today I invite you to sit with yourself and ask that part of you that know how to do it your smart mind, your higher self to lead you and carry you in to your heart and let the language of the light to uplift to and lead you

look for meditation to uplift your soul today and carry you into your heart gently and smoothly

Pass the light!

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