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Celestial Codes of Light

My Drawing of the light - Archangel Ariel

Light codes for building a secure foundation for the future

In this soul chart the soul reflects a soul very connected with Ra, Orion and the solar dragons who are warriors and guardians of the earth and oversee the heavens, Archangel Ariel, Hathor, Sirius, Arcturus Lemuria, Alcyone in Pleiades Greeting my beloved one! I am Archangel Ariel and I am extremely pleased to be here today . To be here today in this circle of light and this restoration honored to connect with you. We have the opportunity to engage with you from a sacred space of light and love. May the golden light bless you today and always.

Know while you read your team of guides, angels ascended masters and Higher Self it particularly holds the space in a higher frequency for you to receive this healing angelic blessing.

We ask you to please take a deep and divine breath that will open your Consciousness and your field to remove negative karma and clear your energy field for the next 10 minutes and relax into your breath while you read this message. This is a message of love and healing. We want to speak to you through this vessel and say we are pleased and honored to be here today as the higher Self collective.

Let's begin, this connection as a blend of all these energies, this download in general signifies creative and practical new ways of building a secure foundation for your Soul to evolve. May the light in your heart give you the strength to lead with Peaceful Heart This is a message from your angels and the team of guides that they are supporting and assisting with boosting your courage, resolve and self-confidence, so that you are able to powerfully manifest your wants, needs and desires. May the Spirit in you glow in every step along the way. The spirit may also suggest that some obstacles and/or upheaval may take place in your life that is taking place for karmic reasons in order to break new ground for you this transmission it is coming to and end, know the the energy from us will remain with you for the following months filling your aura with blessing and love. May the light of Spirit shine brightly as you reclaim your celestial essence, today and always in the best and the highest best of all. May the new day bring new strength and temperance as you let it be the radiante light. you are held by legions of angels, with Love Archangel Ariel I am sharing this guided meditation through the angelic golden light will help you to tune into the light codes from the image As you remember this image allow the light language to help your breath return to a calm state, ready for the dreams your sleep will bring you. Go with it and be relaxed as you Raise your vibration to love, rather than fear Meditation Gold Light Infusion from Archangel Jophiel - Abundance Meditation

I am attaching a link of guided meditation where you can understand more who to activate this drawing and light codes

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