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Cygnus Starseed - galactic art - the Muse of creation!

Cygnus Starseed - galactic art - the Muse of creation!

This the image of very old soul in jumen firm and as a Soul extension is a Galactic High priestess from Cygnus that today brings vibrational gifts of Acceptance, to integrate new expansion, god understanding and wisdom to overview the collective come into alignment with it and activate the gift of a good listener to listen to your old Soul.

With pearly lavender skin, he comes as a being of light from the 6th dimension where he is a spiritual guide who is working with the galactic and angelic councils that help earth in her ascension process.

Other Galactic races that collide with this soul aspect are Orion, Pleiades, lyra, hydian, anunnaki, Nord gods, andromeda, Altair, and Sirius and on Earth Founder - Gaia first souls slip, so highly connected with ancient timelines, elemental kingdoms and the old Gods!

They observe and learn from us as their extensions in the physical and evaluate possible timelines that may cause disharmony in the already pre-established divine order.

These priestesses are muses of inspiration for the new as well as the music that shows happiness and the desire to move the body and flow with the divine rhythm of being.

Maybe you find your muse seeing the figures of the clouds in the sky that show you for seconds, the wonder of dawn with the most exquisite scene of paradise reflected in the pinkish blue sky that reminds you of the magic of the moment.

Muses that whisper the answers to the mathematical equations where the solutions to the problems of science guide us to evolve by finding god's patterns in the stars, in numbers and the science of god.

These muses of harmony inspires passion in the artist and poet who with words, drawings or poetry intertwined with wisdom the page that each book inspires; to live the fantasy of reality in the imagination of becoming a character that lives flowing in you and resonates with the story that flowed in you.

Muses that observe biology and new cells harmonize with healthier humans creating light in the body and the scenery of the earth and life that reflects God himself.

So let the source in you inspire you to feel comfortable and happy to be what you want to be.

Go with the flow of your eternal nature!!!

Let the light in you be the idea of creation, leading by being the muse of inspiration for you and all others.

Let the laws of the inverse co-create the inspired action of creating in the new, the happiest and brightest of you!

Let yourself radiate inspiration in passion, the fun of life and thanking the sparkling magic in your divine light.

Recognize that the frequency of the source in you is divine inspiration and eternal muse of the most exquisite loving creation and may it always be so, already being and eternally already has been.

The better you feel, the more aligned with the muse you will be activated and realigned to the sweetest and most enlightened creation so be it.

This guide represents a priestess, who works with creation and understands the bigger picture, the new expansion, the new way of finding the balance of co-creation and with loving wisdow.

Also, Comprehends collective trends, and understands how to proceed. Creating the solutions and inspired action to transform the old into the new in a collective knowing how everything fits together and how they all combine for the greatest good and that is the luxury of the beam of light that knows how eternal and infinite it is.

By understanding your nature, you know that the fictitious time is in your favor and that the rhythm of life works for you, where to enter the stream of wellbeing and that is where in the unpredictability of life you synchronize with life and the flow of the universe and all that is.

with Love ❣️

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