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Divine Mother Art as Virgin of Guadalupe

Divine Mother Art as Virgin of Guadalupe Light codes of Infusion of Source

Higher greetings and blessings,

I am honored and pleased to be here, in a circle of Love and Light. That is an Infusion of Source Light as a gift from Heaven.

I am streaming in this circle of light, as your breathe notice the air coming in and out. A shower of Light codes are patterns of Pure Source energy and frequency gently. Will be in the air coming into your lungs and as you exhale you will let go, of worry and density.

Allow yourself to oxygenate you, and receive the refreshment of the air. Where literally re-load yourself with light encodes of healing, information, and higher dimensional energy. Effortlessly re-connect with the energy of Divine Presence available to you now. With in and the codes as you gaze at this image and fill up yourself with source consciousness.

Light codes sometimes show up as perceptible light particles, sparkles, blissful sounds, tones, feeling sensations, patterns or geometric symbols that once align with changes your vibrational manifestation point.

So you effortlessly and naturally begin to attract the Highest Divine outcome. Into your reality, as these codes come in a form of rain, revitalizing, and refreshing to you, possibilities for your life.

Your connection with Divine, come now through your air full of Light Code of Pure Source of Consciousness. Really is the key, as you re-connect with the original self. To manifesting, so many blessings into your life.

And your breathe and relax, allow yourself to appreciate, that you are making that connection with source Mother, Father God. Through your Divine Self connection.

The beautiful thing, is that once you re-connect with Divine Presence, and the re-alignment of your being. Allow yourself to feel the fullness of your being and how big you are. As the Source Light comes to blend with you, with in your core, maintaining it on a day to day basis.

As you set your intentions to connect with source in every moment. And as you set your intentions it is true, and so this is.

Higher Love and Many Blessings, Virgin of Guadalupe


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Hi, I have 2 photos of ET’s that I’m not sure if one of them is an ET. Since you are experienced in this field I was wondering if you could help me identify who or what they are and if they are or are not benevolent. Depending on the price I’d like an art piece to show support.



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