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Do you know how exhausting is to be in avoidance 24/7?

Do you know how exhausting is to be in avoidance 24/7?

It pull you in a box of false safe place trying to control all isn’t at your hands to deal with.

Being there and Confess guilty! Why to do that to yourself? Then I woke up and began to seek what I wanted! In that moment my life changes for ever.

I notice a pattern and change it! Avoiding myself and develop the habit to take time to listen and meditate was my best tool.

Humans grow through tendencies that makes you feel confortable with familiarity that build a comfort zone.

A box to place your self in a make it familiar, rather than go against the familiar path and be open for whatever new could be a spark of newness into the known.

I can not think in a more perfect ilustración to invite you to open a window for a new world where every day can be better than the day before rather than familiar to the already known.

Actually to crave building a new ideology moving forward with baby steps where life feels always ok.

And that to me is happiness. It may not be smiling 24/7 but it feels being good at all time with whatever arises.

The courage to trust the direction of the wind as it’s uplifting you into the unknown with faith that all possible directions outside the comfort zone you will be fine.

Meditation is the most intimate way to build the strength, Faith and adventure to live life as it is knowing all is in divine order and grace.

Powerful Light Language Physical with Atlantis

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