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Don’t miss out....

Feeling like Blooming! I took this picture from my garden 🌸

No the reflection of the day and a week full of healing sessions and channeling guidance

I remember that my life was a mess when I wake up in a very dark night of the soul that lead my homeless

I desire peace....and I decide to wake up and be responsible for my own mess

So the process of waking up starts with a knowing that all the thoughts and beliefs that you have collected about myself

I had to pick up my pieces and start being gentle with myself after being my worst energy all my life

I can be my greatest gift or my worst enemy

Now contemplate this with me, Imagine yourself Blooming without fear....

Now Just ponder that...

How many things in your life have been stopped short because of fear.

Not that you become foolhardy, but you are simply not intimidated by life.

Having the constant feeling that everything is just perfect.

Having no sense of lack, absolutely nothing missing.

Having the sense of power that is not control, but you are simply not bothered by anything.

Peace, unutterable peace.

I'll talk more about that tomorrow in a live stream on Facebook in the page Encodedfrequency and on YouTube for members 🌷10:00 am mountain time

In the meantime, just imagine nothing every bothering you again and you will get an idea of what is in store for you.

Blooming in Love 🌷

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