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Dragon Codes of light

There is an opportunity for you to anchor a new light, as you set out to plant the seeds of the Divine Spark. That will draw the highest blessings of your Divine timeline and the highest Truth to you.

The soul seeks darkness, finds its own glow, the star finds nothing but its own emanation as it becomes a nebula and allows the entire galaxy to replenish Source Sparks. It allows new blessings of Higher Consciousness to flow into all that is...

You, yourself are the light, anchor this statement as your energy recharges a new glow.

You, yourself are the refuge of the Spirit that remembers the source as the Beauty of this world.

You, yourself are the luminous Beacon of Souls.

Perpetually and without time, as an eternal Divine to Infinite star in the starry sky.

Let there be the Divine light that you are!

Bright, Bright blessings my beloved,

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