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Dragon Heart Cosmic Fire light Codes

Updated: Jul 30, 2021

... Give yourself the GIFT of letting go! Collectively we're very much on the edge of a whole new way of being ... On the edge of truly stepping into new levels of joy, vibrant wellbeing and Light ... We are at a turning point for this land and all species. Because of this, you may be experiencing very strong awakening symptoms. This is why the more grounded you are, the more stable the energy from the Earth becomes. To make this leap ... From the edge into the new ...

There's a process of revealing our deepest shadows, stepping into the unknown, and letting go of the old ways of understanding ourselves and the world. Grounding helps Humanity become less reactive.

This is an activation of the dual mission, which is to evolve as an individual and as part of a Collective that is bringing in these Star Guard Frequencies to raise us higher. Amidst the process of rediscovering each of our vibrant Christ Consciousness as individuals ... And THIS is what anchors the highest possibilities for us collectively. This life can be truly magical and galactic mystical.

Keep your Heart open with this Divine portal of Love, knowing that the Energy here is what is being anchored through you at all times. The awakened Rainbow Crystalline Bridge between worlds.

Between Earth and Spirit ... And between the present status quo and the highest possible trajectories in the new LIGHT.

Love, joy , peace and many cosmic blessings, ADA

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