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Emotional Codes for Happiness rather than feeling a mess

Emotional Healing | Light Codes | Meditación & I explain as what I have learned.

Have you ever felt all over the place like your emotions are raining over you? I have..

As a Psychic doing healing for myself and my patients I have learned that healing comes from self love, it's simple.

The more you allow every emotion to speak its truth the easier that peace comes.

When emotions are a tornado the mind think messy because it can not understand them. And emotions want comprehension rather than understanding.

How do you handle your emotions?

Healing is filling yourself with light and love until no wound is left open and only the whole shines in you.

Healing you is Learning to honor each emotion is gently and patiently from your heart to embrace. Between collective and personal transformation.

Emotions can be amplified and escalate into a tantrum, causing depression, anxiety, or simply holding on to a life full of fear and lack of life.

Emotions are ways to bond and know yourself fully. The more you know which is you emotion that triggers your messy then the more wiser you get at finding new ways to select other emotions that activate the best version of you.

Emotions and balance when dealing with divine intelligence is a skill that is developed with dedication to yourself.

Techniques such as meditation with the language of Light when visualizing yourself bathing in sacred codes.

They will bring instant relaxation as they infuse each emotion from unconsciousness and presence to transform into a Divine Everything and so be it.

You don't have to do it, just look for a meditation and let yourself be guided to a state of peace and harmony.

Take a moment to give love yourself and heal

You can find meditations on my channel

@encodedfrequency or select the one of your preference.

Observe the shared image in your mind, ask for guidance from your spirit guides, and blend into the image.

See how you are light and sacred geometry and so allow the source to flow through your old soul and for your highest and highest good and so be it.

Archangels Healing Light Language Guided Meditation

@shed a light @encoded_frequency

If you feel drawn to my work, you can book a session with me on services and we can find your answers and bring ease.

Blessings to you day and remember to shed a light


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Ark1 1
Ark1 1
Jan 31

Thank you for this Grethel 💛👍😀☀️ x

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