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Essassani Starseed

My drawing of the light - Essassani Codes

Cristalline Healing Codes of light

Greetings and blessings,

I am Yanra and I am your future and I am honor to be with you today Let this light, energetic healing language bring balance and divine guidance to assist you in your ascension process and release locks into the space necessary to discover the wisdom of the soul.

We are bringing through self-love and compassion for this process of self-restoration to energy in a gentle and gentle way knowing that as you have the courage and strength to look within these triggers.

Give TO YourselF the opportunity to dissolve the programming, releases the old and renews the present, feels free and sovereign where old behaviors and all the fear that stands in the way of a full and vast life allows the crystalline light the heal you.

Beloved one on this image each crystal represents a movement coding contains a frequency to cleanse the energy that blocks true renewal, purification, grace, purity, connection, and wisdom of being.

Glowing light as your energy changes, you will align with your soul and you will be able to access the brilliance of your soul that supports your ability to see the world from harmony and from a clear place of inner universal balance and wisdom.

luminescent divine light As you can use your balance and alignment balance will recognize what is needed in a fast and efficient way in conjunction with the Universe, you can move forward and make wiser decisions by being one with the soul and wisdom of the divine.

This activation will clear heavy and dense energy so you can perceive the energy beyond the physical. in harmony with the whole.

Shine with its own light like the crystal !!

Shine radiance of your soul shining with this ability to change and move completely into a multidimensional reality.

brilliance and glowing heart and show the brilliance of being shining aligned crystalline light and the polarity of what you really want your life to be and your connection of being as a direct receiver of your divine and pure soul.

Alignment requires one to take a moment to feel the brilliance and let it shine bright and ultimate of the infinite and vast being.

Grateful for the connection we send high blessings of love and light. Yanra 🤍

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