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Find your light house within!

Updated: Nov 22, 2020

✨Sharing angelic codes✨✨

Today I remain you the chaos at this time is where you need to be even though is Uncomfortable

Find your light house within!

Find your new normal if you feel purposeless at the moment and it is often need before rebirth to go to a grief period

As a collective we are all going through a massive transformation

So I share all of this not to paint a negative outcome in fact I thing all is positive indeed

Your light is need it at this time in the speed of change and resurrection

Is time to find your light house within and let it flow

Know your weaknesses and find the way to make them your greatest strength

Today design the moment to uplift your soul and if you need a reboots

This image and meditation will bring healing and replenish your energy just by gazing at it

The recording has light language encoded and as you breath the light in allow the whispers of the light to gently bring gentleness and inner peace

Shed a light!

If you like the recording please hit the 🛎 to be notified when we upload more videos

Many blessings 🌟✨⚡️💫

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