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✨Gaia Drawing ✨

My Guide drawing Gaia Gaia Ascension Codes Greetings and blessings beloved, We are here speaking in one voice to share a message and a vibrational frequency that will help to elevate your own unique vibration. Ascension Codes are energies you carry within, that when awakened, trigger remembrance of your full power as a spiritual being. Ascension codes help to awaken your spiritual gifts and abilities, strengthen your intuition, co-creation, and manifestation abilities… And they support you in aligning with your highest level of light mastery. Humans are initiating a big shift in consciousness and many people is awakening on the collective in many areas at this time, you may expect your life to feel a dance between the highs and the lows. What the movie, observe and avoid being seduced by chaos what we perceive is this square will end the next October in your timeline. Break out anything that holds you in the old ways ...You will receive a gentle cleanse before lifting in an incredible light to activate ascension codes you've always carries within… It may feel as if the old fight the new, so let it be....Ascension codes, that have always been within you, and are just waiting to be activated and brought to the surface, so they can make a difference in your life. Let it flow, it will settle within the next few months to align you with a new raising frequency and you will be feeling in the flow of the universe. This shift goes in waves Activating your ascension codes empowers you to start living as the aware, awakened, enlightened, abundant, spiritual being in physical form you're meant to be here and now through the image AND YOUR CONNECTION WITH the light ascending brightly... Right now you are more vibrantly shining, and create a powerful ripple of Divine light throughout everything… May your life be constantly filled with light Many bright blessings


Gaia Portrait

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