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✨Galactic Activation light code Template✨

Updated: Jan 25, 2021

Happy New Year! I have a gift to all of you

A Galactic Activation light code Template✨

✨Sharing this code and meditation to reconnect with your Galactic Family ✨

Last day of historic 2020! Wooo hooo

Curious on What is your prediction for 2021? Please share on the comments


This 2021 there is a strong gamma waves shining light to juman to helps us to mutate and adjust to galactic frequencies ( of course from whom is drawn to the stars)

Si i share this image of my arcturian family doing healing on me and if you use the meditation I will share they will be happy to perform healing or other process of you request it

This is my Gift to all of you


During the meditation focus on what accompanies you.

what is with you today in my heart, love 💜 and for that Be thankful

The time will come to meet you galactics family again personally.

Meanwhile during meditation is the best way to reconnect with the galaxy within.


Feel the galaxy in every hug, every channeling and chatting with you is in your heart! ❤️

Love is the most powerful thing that holds us. 👊🏻🌟🪐✨


2020 was undoubtedly a challenging year, very difficult for many, time to make efforts and be patient.

But at the same time wonderful and ready to push you out of your comfort zone, appreciate health as never as well.

take care of those you love most, appreciate physical contact and know how to be there for each other. ⭐️💫✨


2021 is coming with its own Glow💚

Newness rise in the energy, and it will also be up to you to make the best, a spectacular year, a year of making your pack.

Today when you close your eyes visualize your year and set your intention! ✨

Thank you for being part of my pack 🌟, for being part of this conscious and loving community.

Blessings 🙏🏼 in advance to that year that's ready to surprise you! 💫


~ Listen to the meditation it will guide you

~Remember the code in your mind

~ Ser your instructions

~ Ask your higher self and Arcturus guides yo be at your lead

~ Rekac and let yourself go

~ Set Steady breathe and find harmony

May God bless you and may your light continue to be with you!

Go and shine with all your light! ✨

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