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Galactic Art - Alien Race Pleiades - Merope - Divine Grace

Galactic Art - Alien Race Pleiades - Merope - Divine Grace This is the drawing of a healer specialist in working with the technology of light and color to strengthen the power of grace in the present moment. This guide who is a nostalgic healer with her collective in the sixth dimension in mere honors and is proud of the power of the feminine energy where in a fusion between your divine masculine and the divine feminine is the balance of creation: everything is and it has already been and will be experienced in. a new light. In the present you expand and grow in grace, grace that strengthens you and gives you temperance where each challenge is received with an embrace of compassion and patience, sowing light so that it finds its divine neutrality. Meditation will invite you to be in the present time that will transform you to be the portal where the divine grace of your soul shines like the galaxy of your heart. Fill yourself with divine Grace, the frequency that influences which operates in humans to regenerate and sanctify, to inspire virtuous impulses from your old soul, and to impart strength to endure trial and resist temptation; and as an individual virtue or excellence of divine origin. Claim the activation of your divine origin by being in grace, where you feel the coherent goddess in balance between your galaxy and your earth, and I hope you open your heart and allow it to shine like a star in the sky Feel the divine grace in you, grace of god awakens, prepare yourself for a life of devotion to your old soul being in the present where the illusion of time fades into expansion and all dysfunctional beliefs disappear into the illusion and center you in the god in you, activating your grace. Call me divine grace, he lets his calm mind and your tranquil heart vibrate high where divine guidance comes to you. In my reality love and grace are one and unites us with a joy in the galactic heart. In my reality, love and peace are one and connects us with everything that is. On our planet everything connects and our heart becomes the direction in which the creator himself is activated. In my reality, love and happiness are one, inviting us to the alchemy of mysticism and the magic of being that explodes in infinite eternity, becoming the galaxy that expands like the universe itself, reinventing itself, transforming itself into newness. Become a vessel for a higher frequency where you can lighten up your world, experience your challenges with grace. Let yourself be guided by your wise soul resplendent with galactic and divine light where you discover that it is not what you do but what you become. Each paradigm is like a circle where you expand to live in endless prayer with an open heart, becoming a sacred and full vessel of divine grace. Every minute you spend connecting with the grace in you is the best flag of the transformation of your being and your reality towards your path in ascension. As a promise to remember the power in you when you are in the divine grace of the creator of all that is in you. Live your life to the fullest! Go the extra mile finding the audacity to live in the present moment and emanating grace knowing the absolute truth where you have loved and have been loved dedicating yourself to living the expansion of your soul in the divine glory of grace of your being You are the divine grace of your soul with love, your guides. With love and Gratitude Grethel

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