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Galactic Art - Alien Race - Pleiadian - Starseed Drawing

Galactic Art - Alien Race - Pleiadian - Starseed Drawing The Galactic Soul Chart present as "Pleiadian ~ Orion Starseed" by essence but I can also sense in the soul the essence of Arcturians, Blue Ray Sirius,Pleiadians, Lyrans, and Beings from Hyadian. It feels to me like this Soul came here first to teach.

The Orion soul aspect is very strong. Your soul has aspects of a traveler. You were born on Orion to experience the rebellion.

Orion feels like your second home you have lived in . In Alnitak you experienced sorcery and magic. In Alnilam you experienced a dark aspect who transformed itself and found the light. In Mintaka you experienced being a mermaid-like being of pure light that communicated through sound of the heart.

The Hyadian is a white, luminescent, priest-like lion dressed in a shining hooded robe and the communication is done through the heart as well.

The Pleiadian aspect comes from Alcyone, Merope and Electra,where the beings lived in what it appeared like one central system branching out in separate systems. Space looks clear and free of any debris.They have very advanced technology which made space travel availabe to them.

It appears like they oversee Pleiades Merope. You look very much like you do now in this form with metallic looking clothing.

On Electra the beings are waves of light and they have temples of light. Lliterally rays of light that channel, study, observe and explore. They look like be part of the planet, very much like an elemental connected to the planet with an androgenous form .

The aspect from Alcyone looks like a high priest with an elvish form. Your skin in this form is pearlescent and radiated light. They are spiritual guides for beings all over the galaxy including the Pleiades and part of the galactic federation of light. Their message: We are honored to be here with you today and to bring a blessing to guide you to match and align with your Higher Self. Your Higher Self will begin to rise within you like a tidal wave of cleansing energy. The elixir of energy from your inner source will be a wonderful calling. Rivers of pleasure will flow when you begin to feel the fusion with this SOURCE.

Light codes guide you and bring stillness as you come into alignment with your inner compass.

The willingness to live as a humas brings love and compassion to be seen on every other human as a reflection of God.

Now that we're here it is going to be a profound week of integrating the intense Light influx and also preparing for the upcoming changes.

Allow these waves of light codes that bring stillness as a glow of light for you and receive them fully.

Claim the opportunities this week to work your light and step into embodying more of the essence of the God while still being in physical form.

It will be an amazing resource for you to vibrate in stillness. This is made possible in part by you letting go of what happened in the past so you can reclaim the energy you still have tied up there.

Stillness will be a vibrational shift.

This empowers you to inspired action towards your dreams and to anchor the highest possibilities for your life now.

Stillness is also the next step for you as it is part of choosing to simply embody the perspective of LOVE now. Stillness is the inner knowing that the Self is always taking care off. As you take a deep and long breath your soul will match the highest stillness within and without. We are sending love and support as we are honored to be with you today; your Guides

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Hello! I just found this through research online and everything you are saying in this is what I’ve been told about myself in readings. I’m needing some more help understanding because this is the first description where it’s all in one place. Is there a way I can talk with you about more clarity? thank you!


Stephanie Murdoch
Stephanie Murdoch
Feb 06, 2022

I am so grateful, ❤️

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