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Galactic Art - Orion Race Spiritual Guide Storytelling

Galactic Art - Orion Race Spiritual Guide Storytelling

This is a reality where something good is found within the bad. Because when complaining or feeling like a victim of the world, everything is seen only as bad in a way that reigns with a harsh darkness, but this condition forces the light inside each being of Orion to shine in order to see inside the reigning and dominating darkness. Imagine a place where the sun does not shine because it illuminates the other side from what is seen in your side of your world, your day would have been like this.

This guide was a sorceress born in a period where darkness reigned in an empire where control allowed no margin of error and gave a false sense of security to the weak. Even in the midst of the worst situations they learned not to over-dramatize what it would be like for the darkness to become even darker.

But at some point the people of Orion discovered secrets within the control system that enabled a light to grow from the heart of each one, taking away the ability of the empire to control them. In the control system the empire had created magnets which they implanted in the minds of the Orions who were very empathetic and they prayed that this empathy, which was like a curse, could be regulated. Therefore, a blocker was created that eliminated access to the Orion’s feelings.

By not being able to access their feelings, the Orions became unfriendly, selfishness grew, the family weakened, and loyalty vanished as darkness grew and access to the inner light was annulled. 

The powers of the empire realized that the Orions were now manipulable and they allowed themselves to be manipulated, taking away their sense of responsibility and allowing them to become victims and to blame someone else for the growing darkness.

 Rational fears disappeared and people could not learn to become emotionally intelligent and became co-dependent.

They did not feel good but they chose to ignore this fact and they suffered, being immersed in a hell full of internal battles.

Not believing in anything, avoiding pain, nothing changed because they kept waiting for the darkness to lift but since they didn't fight the darkness, they didn't develop resilience or mastery of the light. 

One day there was a rain of light and those who were touched by this felt the need to plant it in their hearts, keeping it hidden, so that the empire would not discover it.

The bravest decided to grow it through happiness and they discovered grace, faith and hope and that fed their light and they became luminous in an opaque world.

 Grace allowed them to honor the process of discovering their light and they were able to channel their inner being and channel their spirit in all colors even in the absence of outward color or light.

Faith allowed them to see everything there was and to see beyond the darkness they had been seeing and to expect something greater than what had been, raising their being. Where they were seeking, they flowed from the darkness finding the brightness, the spark and the illumination. 

Hope came to be the awareness that there was always a solution for every problem and that when you look for an action inspired by your dark dreams, after a while a process developed that brought them closer to the solution.

Hope allowed them to have a gasoline that was the fusion of light and the alchemy between light and darkness, giving life to neutrality and from there, magic was the ingredient that allowed them to never let darkness overcome them, and as the light grew it could be shared and was contagious until it no longer was hidden, and an internal fuel so strong developed that it could no longer be extinguished.

 The real work, this guide tells us, is to turn on your light so strongly that you allow it to take away your darkness so that divine neutrality elevates you into the eternal and infinite spirit.

Changing your perception from darkness to light is the transformation that leads you to heavenly enlightenment. This guide was one of the Orions touched by the light and who dedicated herself to letting her light grow and to be happy,

knowing all the decision-making capacity had been between choosing between her light and her darkness, narrowing the capacity for tolerance of the darkness by listening without judgment to her emotions.

Taking baby steps on the way to increasing the inner light will help you develop the personality that shines with its own light and the one that pushes you further toward your illumination. 

With love Orions

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Bertha Maldonado
Bertha Maldonado
Aug 02, 2022

That's so Amazing and beautiful 🌈💖❣️🤍🤍🤍❣️💖🌈❣️🤍💖💖🤍🤍🤍💖💖❣️🤍❣️💖❣️🐲💚🐉🐉🐉💞😋


Aug 01, 2022


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