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Galactic Art Starseed Lyra ~ Orion ~ Earth essence Star Fairy

Star Fairy earth essence | Galatic essence from the Stars of Orion and Lyra.

The Galactic Soul chart is related to Orion and Lyra. Orion and Lyra have many symbolic connections to Ancient Egypt.

It also has future timelines as a hybrid and is likely to be a New Earth Starchild connection combined with many previous star seed incarnations.

This Soul is in tune with their previous incarnations of starseeds, making it easy for them to connect with this heavenly energy, as with Archangel Azrael, this is the Angel of Transformation, who drives away negative energies while cleansing and purifying the aura. It grants a certain mysterious energy, power and intensity to people born under this frequency.

Earth Fairy is the aspect of the drawing with angelic energy and communicates with animals, and is the protector of the Animal Kingdom.

She expresses herself through telepathy and uses images and Light Codes to communicate with animals and works as an intermediary with Gaia explaining her needs, being a spiritual guide of the Animal Kingdom.

This is a mother Goddess of Fairies and her name is a Star because she came after traveling the Galaxy, a mixture between guardian angel and elemental frequency, reminding us that we live from our inner radiance and our own sovereignty that represent our own brilliance and beauty beyond our physical appearance.

To recognize beauty is to recognize the presence of God in us, as also in the Animal Kingdom and the Kingdom of the Planet in union with humans to be sustained and supported by this Rainbow Light of Replacement of Light Codes.

Since ancient times, no matter where a human being can live or what language, culture he can speak, we have always been drawn to look at the stars, a sunrise or a sunset and be amazed.

This universal recognition of the beauty in Gaia is, indeed, a universal recognition of our origin as Goddess, we the mirrors of the frequency of God in all that is.

The human Divine aspect is the representation in the beauty of all creation, of all the universes moving through us, moving expanding evolving with us in the multidimensionality of the Soul.

Our divinity is our correct birth as God creator incarnated and it's beauty is food for the Soul, appreciating the moments of joy,...anchor the Love to our mother who is here experiencing a human body and the nourishment for the Soul that we represent by the joyful Light Codes of Rainbow Light.

Immerse yourself in beauty today, in the radiance of your own Soul essence,... and feel the presence of God renew which inspires you to undulate fullness in you and in your world.

With Fairy LOVE, your Spiritual Guides

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