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Galactic Art ~ Golden Ray ~ Sirius Galactic

Galactic Art ~ Golden Ray ~ Sirius Galactic Essence in connection with the Christic Consciousness of the Earth.

This A donor of genetic DNA for Humanity, where your race is Angelic Beings of Christic Consciousness, the Brotherhood of Golden Humanity (future timeline after Ascension), Reptilians from Orion, Annunaki, the Pleiadians, Sirius, Arcturians, and Andromeda among others who donated their DNA to accelerate the Evolutionary Process of Humanity. Galactic Art - Alien Race Sirius - Golden light

Greetings light angels of the earth

We are here sending waves of light and love in this time that creates a shift in energy where humans enter an accelerated stage in the transformation of the age.

Intense changes are coming and we are announcing this and turns related with changes in reaction to restrictions on the collective.

This Sirius guide announce for you begins with a year of strong transformation for what. new and better things come into your life, keep your eyes open so that in the areas where you will feel like you are resetting yourself, you will transcend being able to complement yourself with the energy of your higher self who comes to guide you with a strong mind.

Dear human, we would like to remind you that it is time to observe yourself: time to reflect on what is important to you? where have you been and but more than anything where are you so that you readjust in contemplating moving towards the path that guides you to manifest the most beautiful of beings of your heart Allow yourself to Shine like the Sun, and let the new dawn in your soul announce new beginnings and it is an opportunity to create a new community, reconnect with a new soul that comes to make your life more fluid and happy shining light. The flow of Happiness asks yourself, are you feeling happy in life? seek, co-create and align with the happiness in your life, let the magic of your galactic soul propel you in the direction of your happiness, where love, or friends and interesting projects come to you as an inspiration to make you blossom . take pride in all your processes and let Magic of Contrast: let duality and contrast show you what they prefer between order and spontaneity, between flow and planning or between being and acting so that you jump into the world with the passion of the light being the example of the awakened light in your human body. The calm mind is powerful, so it is aware of what you think, time to analyze with the calm mind, returning to the roots of your center to take charge of the new and opening yourself to many possibilities to be infinitely abundant. We are here to activate the healing and the codes of your soul where you become autonomous from the collective effect and enter the state where the political and social begins to be the platform for you to find equanimity in being. Dear Earth Angel, receive these blessings that wash and purify the soul, leaving the divine presence shining on the horizon of being. Let your divine feminine guide you gently and nurture every part of you with love and peace. Allow your auric field to release the darkness and potentially exaltation where you truly shine and expand your light, my beloved. Let the light codes encoded in the image penetrate your light and fill it with enough love for you to become one with the love of the source in you. Let your planets align themselves so that the cosmos favors you and that the collective comes to favor your success in times of intensity where the chaos comes to bring a new structure for your light. Dear Earth Angel, raise your grace and let your potential amplify. Vibrate in your best magnetism where you shine in your new beginnings. Spread your wings to the grace of your divine feminine Always loved, Sirius Guides

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