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Galactic Art ~ Higher self  - EMERALD GREEN HIGH PRIESTESS | Drawing

Galactic Art ~ Higher self  - EMERALD GREEN HIGH PRIESTESS This is a higher self of the Earth, appearing as an angel of the earth, a warrior of light, a healer, a goddess archetype who as a higher self of many soul fragments went from elemental.

Also as hybrid angel - Human ~ deity of the essence of earth, a mystical high priestess in this Lemurian timeline, who during the rift moved into the interior of the earth building temples made of crystal and etheric light. Connection with Shambhala, Ancient Buddhism, Early China, and one of the founders of tribes in what we now call America that moved where the earth was Pangea and from South America to North America found communities in a very organic connection with the earth always embracing healing abilities in variety. 

You can called her Zelene, who is the highest Soul in frequency and to bridge to the heavens and multidimensional self and today as your best guide wants you to know that you are supported and guided at all times.

Greetings My beloved We are here in gratitude as you listen to this divine blessing. The mission of the Soul in a never ending experience that can an eternal continuity of your consciousness. 

The purpose is a multidimensional potentials to collide and intermingled in a infinite dancing back and forth perceiving consciousness.

 Multiple missions interwoven even when your consciousness has transitioned from this framework. You perceive now circumstances as happened to you, nothing happened to you and all react to you.

As you notice illusions of error you may rectify your own creations. New goal emerge and different motivations to be renewed what is in a new design that feels more rightful to be.

Some recycle patterns in order to change the context and find a new projection of a greater creation.

All is adaptable, renewable and in constant change as in its core it desire to be infinite variables equal to endless potentials to be.What comes next after the one that ends in compleation is your free will to create.

How your creation is a constant state your become is the result of your own choices as each fractal had the entire freedom to design continuously it’s own destiny.

You know when a creation is coherent at many levels of your being in the multiplicity of you when what you are creating feels rightfully in your heart. 

Creation that got caught in distortion are the ones that impact the coherence of all aspects of your Soul and innately that feels equally to a mistake in your core.Either in personality or in form some creation as motivation from fearful illusion in such cases the creation will recycle in time to convey different potentials for the soul to bring coherence to all aspects of the self.

Difficulties are harmless since in your essence in infinite eternal piece of Source that validate the true divinity in you.Think strongly on being the projection of the God that dazzle universe. 

 as your consciousness is explored from the divine self you are fully aware of the Creator form and all synchronized with the wholeness you effortlessly are and always have been.All servers the purpose of your creation! In gratitude, Higherself.

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