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Galactic Guide - Pleiadian

Galactic Guide Drawing

Multidimensional Alignment Codes of light

Beloved one,

I am Nessi I represent your Pleiadian self from 5 dimensional space

We are here angels of the galaxy of the highest light that have to descend in frequency to match yours in a circle of love where light codes, beaming light form the center of the universe to lift your light

We will ask you to take a deep and long breath and as you do healing will come

Here's a profound doorway opening...within the opening of your heart

Inviting you to receive new downloads of expanded consciousness and higher awareness...through the angelic realm and energetic wave of Multidimensional Alignment Codes of light comes through the image for the highest good of all

So you can reset into the next level of your soul truth and destiny, allowing your vibration to shift and awareness holds the basis to vibrate higher receiving Multidimensional Alignment Codes of light

But this energy may also be feeling a bit challenging, the galactic light within you is your pure and original being of light

So if you're already feeling challenged, emotional, those are symptoms that you have changed and you vibrate higher than some of your surroundings

Remember that you have access to an infinite well of peace and Divine presence within as you become one with the universe and reconnect with your Multidimensional Alignment Codes of light

May your life becomes full of light as the galaxy

Nessi 🤍

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