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✨🌷Galactic Journey Light Codes Mars 💫

Divine love, joy and blessings within you.

Today I wanted to share This personalized Code came as an image from the Akash of Mars and a voice within me said All wats begins in the heart, Heart that is rigid

Back in that timeline a Great War destroyed the civilization because their heart gotten rigid, to rigid to allow love to bring Peace.

Practicing Peace in time of War I believe is true spirituality

When wen the Heart is fill with love and light we are able to see All is divinly orchestrated.

Ancient souls know they carry great responsibility on their shoulders out of love for humanity and all that it is.

You have earned the right to have these Love and light in your life.

Surrender into knowing that all is exactly the way it needs to. There are no coincidences.

Reconnect to them, right now.

Light and dark and All is serving higher purpose. Remember that All is well.

Believe you CAN!

I am sharing A galactic journey with the light language of you want to open the mind and the heart and unhook the tension and feel withdrawing from the shadow and anchor the light

Light From my heart, Grethel

Journey Through the Galactic Heritage | Guided Meditation

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