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Genesis - spiritual guide Drawing - Reborn in your holiness

Genesis - spiritual guide Drawing - Reborn in your holiness This story begins with a being or deity part of the spiritual council of Gaia and is called Genesis who represents that through the grace of God each being here in Gaia can invoke grace in their rebirth, in their enlightenment and resurrection. Genesis represents the rebirth of your own transcendence and is the transformation of the old into something new where you allow yourself to communicate with the God in you, anchoring your spirit and illuminating your mind and giving peace to the heart and simply being in his presence, having devotion and respect for the power of the teaching to be reborn in this moment and all the moments. Your true being is only revealed when you are reborn and reborn until you become a saint, preparing yourself for the revelations of your intuition and allowing yourself to be in a state of conscious loving presence where you have the holy and true essence of eternal being. You are reborn when what you live does not feed the soul or strengthen the spirit. That is where, through divine intervention, you allow yourself to be reborn with your own elements, in a new form of organization to rise to a new level of mastery in anchoring the spirit in your soul. To the sanctity of being. When the uncreated is created in a desire to be and become creation, that creation occurs when you allow yourself in your mind to see the light and allow it to grow covering all your vision and from there you communicate with the divinity in you. Here it is being invited here sharing experience, rising above the fear and desolation of the world and this is how you invite yourself to be reborn.

My essence is far apart from the essence of destruction, however, when creation was born of distortion and overflow disharmony destruction is the passage of rebirth, there is always a part of you that dies when something new is born: the single is a girlfriend , the wife becomes the mother, the baby becomes the child and the immature young man is later the wisdom of the elder. The future is only in your mind, so your future is safe when you are living completely in the present, having a loving present is like getting rid of the conditions of the bad that can happen and you are reborn in all the good that can be born. Desolation is only part of the part of you that fades in the waters of tears to be able to draw on the inspiration of what will fill that sad void of golden and dying love. Happiness is fully appreciated when you have felt unhappy and being kissed is magic when it has only been seen in the movies, the magic of a wonder of nature becomes magic from photography to the trip where you live it in all your senses. Rise completely above the outside world without being conditioned to what could go wrong and focus on anchoring your spirit in everything that can go wonderful in the future so trust. Your spirit is anchored when in the movement of divine change, you look for a point of anchoring and find yourself in balance as well as in a balance yoga position staring at a point makes the body believe that it is stable achieving the desired balance in the movement of the air . When you go by car and someone else drives and directs the course of the trip so you allow yourself to sleep and when you wake up the orange of the sunny sky does not make it clear to you whether it is sunset or sunrise and you instinctively ask where we are? what day is it? has it happened to you? because it happens, it happens because you didn't anchor your spirit and someone else directed the Course and the sense when you consciously drive the course is always blessed by the light of the creator. When God is anchored in your spirit that in the world could be a trick or a threat? Well nothing then if God is with you who is against you. So allow yourself to relapse and die in the faith of eternal strength in you. Light the flame of faith in the direction that your guide centered on love in you, in your loving center and anchored in your spirit. And if Genesis comes just know that the world is not your enemy because you have chosen that life, be your friend and that you focus on love and anchor yourself in the spirit where the right side of life with or without Genesis on your side. Next to the divine order, the side of rebirth over and over to see until you reach holiness. With love Genesis

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