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High priestess Light Codes

My Drawing of the LIGHT

The Soul chart for the 25th of july comes as Lyra by essence, Lyra, Lyran-Sirian, Orion, Pleiadian, Andromedan, Arcturian, Antares... an Angelic Blue Ray is connected to carry the templates of the Oraphim that carry the Double Diamond Sun Body and the The Emerald Order of the Cristos Light; from earth the strongest influenced are Egypt, Summeria, Lillith, Lemuria, Atlantis, dragons and elementals from the Ocean. The image comes from your Akashic Records as the begining of time of your Soul on Earth and this is in Lemuria. In that timeline the Annu created only androgenous humanoids and the humans that were not hybridize remain as called Sasquatch and are located in the inner earth or cavern-dwellers and when Lemuria fell, some lemurian initiated a journey into inner earth and created Temples of the Flames of God. The humans that were upgraded through galactics, received many upgrades, in one of those processes the humans were separated for purposes of creation into femenine and masculine at least in your Akashic Records. masculine at least in your Akashic Records. The masculine energy worship the sun light and earth and the femenine energy workship the moonlight and the water. What you see in the image was a ceremony honoring the Spirit of Water and the Moon God where the high priestess would receive guidance, healing and develop the gift of intuition, premonition, developing psychic senses through Virtues and the service to their community. Reconnection with The Divine Core of The Original Self Greetings and blessings, My beloved one, we are here humbly to share our Love and Energy with you. To bring a gift from Mother and Father God into your energy field as you read this word.

The Codes from the image will affect your chakra system to bring healing. Please take a deep breath, allow your team of guides to assist you to reconnect you with The Divine Core of Source.

Breathe peace in, and when letting it out elevate yourself from your lower self. And meditate to reconnect thee with The Divine Core of Peace and Light. A bliss that you know is thy truth.

Remember, the growth in your Light as you go inwardly and trust the moment. As it unfolds knowing, all it is in Divine Order while you reconnected yourself with The Divine Core of Purification.

And one of the best things you can do to support yourself, is welcoming the new opportunities and higher consciousness energy. Now, you need to breathe, relax, and stay grounded or centered in the here and now, while you reconnect yourself with The Divine Core of Transformation. Then, allowance is the key for you to

receive inspiration.

As to your very next step and take, reconnect your Heart with The Divine Core of Love. To anchor the Higher Light of Divine Consciousness into your life from your Higher Self, keep an intimate connection as you set your intentions, every day to reconnect you with The Divine Core of The Higher Power.

Trust your own process, my beloved one. While we reconnect you with the Divine Core of Your Divine Blueprint.

Many Bright Blessings, The guides

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