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How Light codes can be understood?

How to read the Soul Map? Let me show you

This is a starseed that as you can see the Universe is imprinted on the background by showing the Universe that it is the foundation for the energy imprinted.

Now it looks like a gate which is telling that you are a lightworker that travels in time and expands your soul through time traveling. You must do a lot of astral traveling even if you do not remember.

You are also a blue ray and embrace attributes of transmutator, warrior of the light, healer from future and past.

There is a lot of traveling as you can see and the code feels very mathematical. I am not sure what you do in this life. What you know is your thing and takes you to another level.

This is a process that it is happening now I am also adding a recoding with messages that complete what we can not read consciously and it is encoded on the image. the energy it is shifting and it may resonate around 6 months but now all can change. so trust your own intuition.

The more you tune in into your code the more that you can discover new encoded messages.

With gratitude, Grethel

Journey to Sirius Galactic Akashic Records | Storytelling

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