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How to identify what it is Bloking you?

When I identify what it si Bloking me whether that it is emotionaly or mentally. I can choose to heal it and transform it. In this Articule I will show you the un way that combines a psicological tecnique and a light code.

It is very easy and I am adding a free pdf that will help you to know how to use light codes and a video that will complement the healing process.

Light Codes Class-Compressed
Download PDF • 1.02MB

I share with you a technique that I learned in psychology. I recommend that you use something to write on, a piece of paper, your cell phone, whatever is easy for you. When we write, we not only help our brain integrate a new neurological connection, according to neurologist Caroline Leaf.

Dr. Caroline believes that it's important to put down your thoughts and feelings into writing. She talks about the technique called Metacog, which is one of the best ways to process emotions and thoughts.

But energetically you transform something intangible like an idea into something tangible that you can read again, change your responses and reflect on.

The formula is.

1.- Releasing blame. Instead of saying "This happened to me," we'll just say "This happened." without assigning blame to anyone. If you assign it to yourself then you are guilty, if you assign it to another you harbor resentment. We seek to transmute that situation.

2.- Listen to yourself, support yourself and give yourself the support you need to move forward.

A - Saying this happened BECAUSE (Action)

B - You observe the Mind, and you express the thought that was... (.Belief)

C - You observe the emotions, the feeling was (Feeling).

D - You listen to your body, It manifested in (Area of the body)

E - You investigate Memory, associated with time, making you feel that way and if something has happened to you. I feel like this when (I habit)

F - Closing the cycle, you observe what you learned in relation to the circumstance (Lesson)

G - You make a decision to change one program for another. Like Insecurity due to trust and you add the action that prevents a situation like this from being created. (Action to be rectified)

H - You make a Code asking, if I could know the code that downloads the definition of (-) in the greatest and highest good, in an easy and simple way.

J - You try it and combine them with the technique of your preference. I leave you a video in which it is part of the Code Making Course. You can find more information about it on my website.

lastly, Use your on intuition, feel free to adjust the process in to your needs, Let me know if you find it useful and share it if you think it can serve anyone else.

in gratitude Grethel

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🤍How to do Light Codes? I can show you one simple way

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