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Light Codes & Free~ Self Activation Light Language Playlist

Light Codes & Free~ Self Activation Light Language Playlist

Perhaps you have already seen on social networks people, art that shows light codes explaining that they are from other planets or that they are sacred languages ​​channeled through the consciousness of the source.

Well yes, its name says "language of light" let's say that the light of the source is born as an intention that is the vibration of the force of life. it's intention is expelled like a spark that is expelled from the sun in the form of a rocket looking for an expansion.

The expansion creates a sound by being light in motion so we say the language of light in the direction, trajectory of light in ascended form when it became a movement seeking evolution, transmutation and expansion.

I call that movement frequency and it translates into a beautiful sound that is the song of your soul, and the symphony of the universe itself.

Magically that movement forms patterns that merge like a star in the sky in a map shape. Sacred geometry, sometimes looks like letters, symbols, etc. to what we recognize as a pattern or formula that represents that frequency that is born of love.

It is the language of light, pass your mind because it is not human language, period, it is the language of light and love, so your heart and soul understand it when you feel it. if so, maybe it feels like peace-love, healing-love, abundance-love and so on. We each come into this life with a light language song. Our light language song is chosen by our souls to facilitate growth, learning, and healing as simple as that and when you meditate with it and visualiza it for few seconds your soul will take over and assist.

If you want to know more I am sharing a playlist when you can meditate and discover the language of your soul

Love, Share and Enjoy the light

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